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Why Choose Anatomical Worldwide?

We have the experience and expertise necessary to tackle any project - large and small.  


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We have been doing this a long time, which is going to make it a lot easier on you and us.

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We have an extensive network of factories and publishers to meet any budget.


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These can be long projects. We are going to work around the clock to exceed your expectations and meet your deadlines.

Pharma Models

We have a team of highly qualified certified medical illustrators, designers, and engineers to create innovative and accurate anatomy models. Our models promote your brand while improving communication between patients and physicians..

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Medical Device Models

Our experienced team creates customized models to demonstrate medical device and implant usage to offer sales staff and physicians a tool to visually demonstrate usage.


Custom Illustrations

Whether your pharmaceutical company needs a tool to communicate the efficacy of a new drug or you are developing a new medical textbook and need an award winning staff of medical illustrators that can make your project a success, Anatomical Worldwide has the experience you need from the development phase to seamless delivery. 

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